Vision statement

Build Together

Daewoo E&C’s vision is to provide an abundant life to customers and
become their life partner by realizing the best value together

    • Build
    • Provide the best corporate value for the customer

      ㆍBuild a value chain covering the entire
      construction industry

    • ㆍMaintain the highest business performance level
      in the domestic construction industry

    • Meet the expectation of customers
      through top competitiveness

      ㆍProvide the highest level of technology and
      quality in the construction industry

    • ㆍAct as a total solution provider

    • Together
    • Establish partnership with all stakeholders

      ㆍMaximize trust with all stakeholders including
      shareholders, customers, and subcontractors

    • ㆍMatch each individual’s goals with the company’s goal
      and increase their sense of belonging

    • ㆍPromote responsible leaders and encourage self-fulfillment for employees by establishing an effective performance compensation system

Vision System

CEO Management Principle

Management Principle Build a sustainable growth foundation by enhancing corporate value
Practice Strategy
Financially Stable
  • ㆍEnhance stakeholder’s trust
  • ㆍImprove risk management capability
  • ㆍStrengthen cost-saving capacity
  • ㆍLocate high quality projects
  • ㆍDevelop innovative business models
  • ㆍCreate growth-driven business
  • ㆍExtend the value-chain
  • ㆍCultivate competitiveness in human resources and technology
  • ㆍLead the domestic construction industry
  • ㆍComply with corporate social responsibility
  • ㆍPractice fair management
  • ㆍReinforce compliance