Social Contribution


Strategic Direction

As a good corporate citizen, Daewoo E&C is practicing philanthropic activities in various areas such as social welfare, culture & arts, education, sports, environment and international society.

  • Major Areas
    • Environmental protection
    • Increase convenience facilities
    • Livelihood safety
  • Core Values of Corporate Philanthropy
    • Clean
    • Convenient
    • Safe
  • Beneficiaries
    • Neglected social class
  • Main Activitey
    • Improve infrastructure for neglected social class

In 2007, we organized the Daewoo E&C Community Service Corps to involve all employees’ participation in volunteering activities. The Daewoo E&C Community Service Corps focuses on improving infrastructure for the less privileged class in society and continues to pursue systematic philanthropic activities.


In 2011, Daewoo E&C spent approximately 701 million KRW on expenditure for philanthropic activities, including donation for relief supplies in Libya, and 7,187 employees participated as volunteers. Particularly, we were recognized for our support in culture and arts such as Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and awarded an appreciation plaque from the Arts Council Korea.

Achievements in 2011 Table
ContentAchievements in 2011
No. of participants in philanthropic activities 7,187 people
Average hours of philanthropic activity/employee 1.5 hours/person
Total expenses on philanthropic activities 701 million KRW
Promoting Employees’ Philanthropic Activities

Daewoo E&C has prepared a number of support programs to promote voluntary participation from employees and ensure that volunteering activities smoothly take place.

임직원 사회공헌활동 촉진
Category Major Contents
Vacation for volunteering activities Allow employees to volunteer during work hours
(restriction of 4 hours per day per occasion applies)
Award for volunteers King of Blood Donation as well as an award for individuals with excellent volunteering record
Supply volunteer uniforms Replaced the volunteer uniforms to make them reflect the new CI in 2012
Other Raise awareness of sharing by operation of the in-house blood bank
Organizational Structure of Daewoo E&C Community Service Corps

Head, Social Conribution Committee, Social Contribution Working Committee, Executive Office of Social Contribution, Business Divisions, Volunteer Club, Headquarter & Sites, Social Service Team