Environmental Management

Environmental Management

A healthy and positive relationship between people and the natural world is a prerequisite to a happy and sustainable future. In response to this reality, Daewoo E&C has established a mid- to long-term environmental management roadmap. It includes developing eco-friendly products, resources recycling, and entering into the new and renewable energy business.

  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001

  • GHS Inventory System

    GHS Inventory System

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption

We have built an inventory system that enables us to measure, manage, and reduce our levels of greenhouse gas emissions both at home and abroad. We also have a GHG reduction process in place.
In addition, we carry out energy saving campaigns to reduce our energy use.

Developing eco-friendly technologies

Our low-carbon concrete and marine concrete that are both eco-friendly construction materials, and our Eliminate CO2 mortar does not use cement at all. We are also developing a number of very promising water and sewage treatment technologies, and are a leader in the area of waste disposal technologies. This includes our High-Concentration Organic Waste Recycling Technology, which produces biogas using organic wastes. We have also developed a technology called Building Integrated Wind Power, or BiWP, that produces its own energy in buildings, as well as photovoltaic power generation modules for apartments.

Environmental Management Certificates

We acquired an ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate in 1997. Since then, we have been awarded preliminary and main certifications covering fifteen buildings that we have built until now. A prime example is the Sheraton Incheon Hotel, for which we won a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the US Green Building Council—a first for a five-star hotel in South Korea. In addition, the Daewoo Biogas System, or DBS, was named one of the top ten new technologies at the Korea Technology Awards in 2009.

Human Resources Management

Talented and creative human resources are the greatest strength that any company can have.
Daewoo E&C fosters the development of high-caliber industry experts and specialists.
Our educational and training programs are of such repute that they have been called “a construction HR academy.” We believe that HR management is the most important part of our management activities.

  • Interns Employee Orientation

    Interns Employee Orientation

  • New Employees Orientation

    New Employees Orientation

Hiring people who can think critically and creatively

A model Daewoo E&C employee practices our core values of challenge, passion, responsibility, and accountability. He or she is a firm believer in the value of change and innovation, and creates positive results by having an active and curious mindset. We select promising new employees from a number of sources, including open recruitment, internships, experience-based hiring, and global networking.

Programs for professional construction HR development

We offer our employees a wide range of educational and training programs to advance their career development. They include new employee training, overseas study courses, and domestic and overseas degree programs. We also provide opportunities for self-development.

Raising employee satisfaction

We support the development of our non-Korean workers through counseling, Korean language training, and Korean cultural events. We also forbid gender-based discrimination in relation to training opportunities, promotions, and retirement benefits. Our evaluation standards are fair and equitable, and our employees’ compensation is based on their job performance.

    Acting in solidarity with non-Korean workers at our Libya worksite

  • We withdrew all of our workers from their worksites in Libya in response to the conflict that broke out there in February 2011. This included evacuating 2,772 people and offering about KRW 6 billionworth of airline tickets to our workers so they could return home.