Quality Management

Quality Management

High-quality workmanship is one of the main keys to our long-term success and sustainability. This means that our systematic quality management activities are a major determiner of customer satisfaction. We ensure that we are always leading the industry by constantly upgrading our systems and operations.

  • BAROCON System

    BAROCON System

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

  • ASME(Nuclear Power)

    ASME(Nuclear Power)

Upgrading our business systems

In 2008, we introduced an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) to ensure smooth communications and full information sharing among our employees. Three years later, we built BAROCON, an integrated project anagement system. It enables the efficient management of our project life-cycles, speedy decision-making, and enhanced information sharing at the management level. We will continue making improvements to our quality management operations by constantly upgrading our business systems.

Continuously enhancing our quality management system

Our quality management system is based on a quality manual. It consists of the Daewoo Process Mapping System (DPMS), a guide and a procedure for applying the guidelines. In addition, we have a quality management team and a quality inspection team in place. They are tasked with carrying out our quality management system certifications and quality problem prevention activities. We also report the results of the implementation of our quality management system to our company-wide management review committee on an annual basis.

Quality Management Certificates

We were the first construction company in South Korea to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate, and have maintained KSQ and ISO 9001 certifications in all areas of our operations. Our abilities in the areas of building and maintaining nuclear power plants have earned us certifications from the ASME for NA, NPT, and NS. We also boast KEPIC MN/EN/SN/MH and NBBI NR certifications.

Quality Management Certificates Table
Certificates Area Class

Organization for

- ISO 9001: 2008 / KSQ, ISO 9001: 2009

ISO Quality Management System

ISO 9001: 2008

ISO Quality Management System: Singapore Branch


Electric Power
Industry Code

Design KEPIC SN DN Design Quality Certificate:


KEPIC MN (Mechanical Nuclear) DN Design Quality Certificate:

Piping Systems

Construction KEPIC EN (Electrical Nuclear) DN Construction Quality Certificate:


KEPIC MH (Mechanical HVAC) DN Construction Quality Certificate:

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

KEPIC SN (Structure Nuclear) DN Construction Quality Certificate:


KEPIC MN (Mechanical Nuclear) DN Construction Quality Certificate:



American Society
of Mechanical

Construction ASME NA (Nuclear Assembly) ON Construction Quality Management System:

Major Machinery & Equipment Installations

ASME NS (Nuclear Supports) ON Construction Quality Management System:

Piping Support Production

ASME NPT (Nuclear Parts) ON Construction Quality Management System:

Piping Components Production

Production /
ASME U [Pressure Vessel (Div.1)]

Non-Nuclear General Pressure Vessel Production & Construction

ASME U2 [Pressure Vessel (Div.2)]

Non-Nuclear High Pressure Vessel Production & Construction

ASME PP [Pressure Piping]

Non-Nuclear Power Plant Boiler External Piping Installation

ASME S [Power Boiler]

Non-Nuclear Power Plant Boiler Production & Installation


National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors​

- NBBI R [Repairs]

Repair and Replacement of the above non-nuclear areas

NBBI NR (Nuclear Repairs)

Overseas nuclear repair quality management system