Research & Development

Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology-the first and largest full-service construction technology R&D center in Korea-has been driving the technological competitiveness of Daewoo E&C since its establishment in 1994.


With the completion of the Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology in January 1994, Daewoo E&C ushered in a new era in the development of construction technologies. Built on a 33,000m2 site, DICT combines research and experimental operation for the first time in the industry of Korea. In recognition of our R&D capability, the Korean government accredited us with the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme and in turn, we have improved the quality of our construction works by actively responding to the needs of customers.
As a result of ceaseless efforts to advance construction and engineering technologies, the DICT received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Corporate Research hosted by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology in March 2000, and Order of Science and Technology Merit award given by the Korea Ministry of Science and Technology in October 2004. Our R&D Facilities at DICT are composed of a central, geotechnical laboratory, large scale structure laboratory, wind tunnel laboratory, outdoor exposure site and an acoustic laboratory.