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Maximizing the value of
spaces for customers.
Daewoo E&C has been a leader in the architectural sector in various fields, from office buildings to hotels, exhibitions, and medical and sports centers. The safe and comfortable spaces and efficient and beautiful buildings we have created have become landmarks and a source of pride for people in many parts of the world.
Daewoo E&C is a global pioneer in the engineering and construction of skyscrapers and intelligent buildings with our advanced R&D and innovative spirit.
We will keep building on our innovative approach to architecture and city building by inventing even smarter and more eco- friendly echnologies and construction methods.
Office Buildings
Daewoo E&C has established an unparalleled reputation in the domestic and overseas markets by building skyscrapers with high-tech features and office buildings that have quickly become iconic local landmarks.
Through the convergence of ICT technologies, we will continue to build our reputation for offering some of the most advanced, sophisticated and intelligent office buildings in existence.

Daewoo E&C emerging as a big player in the office market as it constructed Yonsei Foundation Building, the first intelligent building in Korea, acquired a good reputation as it constructed the head office of Korea Development Bank and Seocho Gyobo Tower, a landmark around Gangnam Station. In addition, Seoul Square which was remodeled into a cutting-edge building from the previous Daewoo Center Building and afforestation on outer walls, and Eulji Twin Tower to which specialized designs such as solar power system, etc. were applied are recognized as representative intelligent office buildings.
We have also been actively engaged in the construction of skyscrapers overseas, building on our strong reputation and customer trust. This includes the KLCC Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which was built using our independently-developed Building Movement Control (BMC) technology, as well as the Telekom Malaysia headquarters building, now a notable local landmark.

Performance view
Office Buildings Performance list
Songdo G Tower, Korea Total floor area: 86,165㎡ 2 stories below the ground and 33 above
Cutting-edge intelligent building utilizing new renewable energy
Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Government, Korea New office building of Gyeongbuk Provincial Government having Korean look and international refinement
A building leading green architecture of the highest grade green building with the ratio of new rewable energy of 30%
Telecom Malaysia Headquarters Building, Malaysia story below the ground and 77 above
A cutting-edge, high-rise intelligent building, erected using the pre-stressing beam method
KLCC Tower, Malaysia 5 stories below the ground and 58 above
A high-rise intelligent building
Northeast Asia Trade Tower, Korea Total floor area: 104,425㎡, 3 stories below the ground and 68 above
A landmark in Songdo International City, Incheon
Eulji Twin Tower, Korea Total floor area: 146,675.9㎡ 8 stories below the ground and 20 above
Cutting-edge intelligent building to which a specialized green premium design is applied
Seoul Square, Korea Total floor area: 132,865㎡, 2 stories below the ground and 23 above
Introduced the world’s largest LED media canvas on its facade
IB Tower, Malaysia 4 stories below the ground and 58 above
A high-rise intelligent building
New KEPCO Office Building, Korea Total floor area: 98,629㎡
Grand Prize at 2015 ‘Korea Green Building Award’
Korea Development Bank Headquarters, Korea Total floor area of 99,838㎡ with 4 basement floors and 8 ground floors
Commercial Complexes
Commercial complexes are evolving into multifunctional facilities that
combine shopping, living convenience and cultural infrastructure.
Daewoo E&C has built commercial complexes that satisfy the various
needs of customers and visitors, contributing to the invigoration of
local economy and improving local culture.

Daewoo E&C is building commercial complexes that provide added value for customers and extra convenience for visitors.
Commercial complexes we have built include Migliore shopping malls (in Dongdaemun, Myeongdong, Sinchon, Busan, and Daegu), which have become local landmarks, and Sindorim Techno Mart, an electronics shopping center.
We were also the first South Korean construction company to enter the Japanese construction market, where we completed Fukuoka Canal City, now a leading landmark in Fukuoka.

Performance view
Commercial Complexes Performance list
High1 Resort, Korea Total floor area: 136,715㎡, 3 stories below the ground and 10 above
Included a casino and a theme park
Canal City Hakata, Japan Total floor area: 234,460㎡, 1 story below the ground and 5 above
A futuristic urban-style cultural complex including a shopping mall, theaters and hotels
Acloud Gamil, Korea Total floor area: 38,564㎡, 1 storie below the ground and 2 above for 257 retail spaces
A large-scale shopping center including a large-size open space and an experiential square
Sindorim Techno Mart, Korea Total floor area: 283,043㎡, 7 stories below the ground and 40 above
A shopping complex specializing in electronic goods
Migliore Myeongdong, Korea Total floor area: 34,799㎡, 7 stories below the ground and 17 above
A fashion Mecca in Myeong-dong, Seoul
Migliore Dongdaemun, Korea Total floor area: 49,771㎡, 7 stories below the ground and 20 above
A multi-use shopping mall
Maxtyle, Korea Total floor area: 49,938.92㎡, 7 stories below the ground and 18 above
The first multi-use shopping mall for both retail and wholesale in Dongdaemun
Redeveloped from the former Heungin Market
Migliore Sinchon, Koreaa Total floor area: 29,991㎡, 2 stories below the ground and 6 above
A multi-use shopping mall
Sinchon Station Complex, Korea Total floor area: 29,812㎡, 2 stories below the ground and 6 above
Busan International seafood
wholesale market, Korea
Total floor area: 83,000㎡, 7 stories above the ground for 56 fisheries processing factories and research support facilities
Hotels & Condominiums
Daewoo E&C is renowned as a global developer of hotels and
condominiums, a field that requires customer-centered quality
management, user convenience-oriented designs and construction,
and aesthetics that reflect modern sensibilities and trends.

Daewoo E&C has established an impressive portfolio in the construction of hotels and condominiums. This includes the Millennium Seoul Hilton, Gyeongju Hilton, Hotel Lotte, High1 Grand Hotel (Main Tower) and Seoul Dragon City, which boasts the largest number of guestrooms in South Korea. We were also able to minimize the environmental impact of the Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel by employing eco-friendly materials throughout its construction phase and recycling more than 75% of waste generated during the construction period. The hotel acquired a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the US Green Building Council, a first for a South Korean five-star hotel.
We are also expanding into the hotel markets in Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, by building such high-end hotels and condominiums as the Hilton hotels in Algeria and Morocco, and Vietnam Hanoi Daewoo Hotel in Vietnam.

Performance view
Hotels & Condominiums Performance list
Novotel Ambassador Dongdaemun Hotels & Residences, Seoul, Korea 5 stories below the ground and 20 above, 532 rooms
(331 hotel guestrooms, 192 residences)
Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel, Korea 3 stories below the ground and 22 above
Named the World’s Leading Green Hotel at the 2012 World Travel Awards
Seoul Dragon City, Korea Total floor area: 185,482㎡, 4 stories below the ground and 40 above, A hotelplex comprising the largest number of guestrooms(1,700) in South Korea, restaurants, and shopping and cultural spaces
The St. Regis Hotel, Malaysia 48 stories standing 212m high Malaysia’s first six-star hotel
Tripoli JW Marriott Hotel, Libya 36 stories and 370 guestrooms A five-star hotel built using the curtain wall system
Pasir Condominiums, Singapore 12 buildings and 912 households
2017 ‘Good Landscape Design Certification from National Parks Board’
Singapore Bendemeer Condominiums, Singapore Four 29-30 story buildings and three 2-3 story terrace houses
Pale De CZ, Korea 3 stories below the ground and 17 above, 4 buildings, 116 guestrooms, High-class,
hotel-type condominiums with Haeundae sea view
Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, Vietnam 18 stories, 411 guestrooms, 193 fully-furnished and serviced apartments
Educational, Medical &
Research Facilities
Daewoo E&C is building educational facilities that will foster the development of future leaders, as well as state-of-the-art medical facilities that will allow medical professionals to provide the best care possible.

Daewoo E&C has contributed to the development of advanced medical services and research centers through the construction of hospitals at home and abroad. This includes the 1,300-bed Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Busan National University Hospital/Children’s Hospital, Ajou University Hospital in South Korea, and Benghazi Central Hospital and Tripoli Central Hospital in Libya. We are also developing a strong reputation in the field of educational and research facilities.
This includes the construction of buildings at Yonsei University, Ajou University, Sogang University, and Seoul National University.
Of particular note was our application of innovative technologies to the construction of the Seoul National University Kwanjeong Library, including the mega truss construction method that allows the lifting and sliding of ultra-high strength steel structures.

Performance view
Educational, Medical & Research Facilities Performance list
Seoul National University Kwanjeong Library, Korea Total floor area: 27,320㎡
Grand Prize in Social Public category at 2015 ‘Korean Architecture Award’
Gold Prize at 2017 ‘KIBSE Outstanding Structure Awards’
The Osstem Implant R&D Center, Korea Total floor area: 71,004㎡, 2 Stories below the ground and 10 above
Application of pre-con method(comprehensive simulation of design, cost, process, quality, etc.)
Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center, Korea Total floor area: 179,217㎡, 5 Stories below the ground and 20 above
Green medical center certified as a green building grade grafting green environment-friend
Busan National University Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Dental Hospital, Korea BNU Hospital: Total floor area of 101,667㎡ 2 stories below the ground and 9 above,
and 772 beds
BNU Children’s Hospital and BNU Dental Hospital: Total floor area of 31,696㎡ 2 stories below the ground and 9 above, and 140 beds
Sogang University Jeong Hasang Hall and Teilhard Hall, Korea Total floor area: 9,009㎡, 1 Story below the ground and 10 above for lectures and research
Yonsei University International Campus
(Phases 1-2), Korea
Total floor area : 442,000㎡, 1 story below the ground and 7 above with 5 comprehensive lecture buildings, library, study houses and deck parking spaces
Seoul National University Educational and Research Center, Seoul, Korea Total floor area : 16,336㎡, 2 stories below the ground and 6 above
for Research facilities building
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Extension, Korea Total floor area: 51,604㎡, 3 stories below the ground and 10 above, with 477 beds
South Korea’s first hospital to be built with a double-skin façade, increasing comfort and saving energy
Benghazi Central Hospital, Benghazi, Libya Total floor area : 172,400㎡ and 1,600beds
3 main buildings and attached buildings for the highest-scale medical facilities in Libya
Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital, Seoul, Korea Total floor area: 18,390㎡, 4 stories below the ground and 4 above
Exhibition & Sports Centers
Daewoo E&C creates exhibition and sports centers that bring people together through sport, cultural experiences and special events.
We create multi-purpose buildings for rest, relaxation, and health as well as national exhibition centers.

Daewoo E&C has built cultural exhibition centers that are both practical and beautiful.
This includes the Korea International Exhibition Center (or KINTEX), a leading exhibition and convention center in South Korea; the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Gwacheon; the Busan Museum of Art; the National Museum of Korea; and the “Floating Island”, the world’s largest artificial island and waterside cultural complex.
In the sport facility sector we have constructed Gwangmyeong Cycle Racing Domed Stadium (South Korea’s first domed velodrome), Busan Sports Complex, Incheon SK Happy Dream Stadium and Daegu Samsung Lions Park.

Performance view
Exhibition & Sports Centers Performance list
Floating Island, Korea Total floor area: 9,995㎡, The world’s first aquatic cultural
space with 3 artificial islands on Hangang River
Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall, Korea Total floor area: 3,759㎡, 2 stories below the ground and 2 above
First Prize at 28th‘Seoul Architectural Awards’
Daegu Samsung Lions Park, Korea 2 stories below the ground and 5 above, South Korea’s first octagonal ball park, Capacity: Approximately 29,000 people
KINTEX, Korea Total floor area: 116,632㎡, 1 story below the ground and 3 above
Gwangmyeong Domed Velodrome, Korea Total floor area: 75,491㎡, 5 themed domes in addition to the domed stadium itself
Grand Prize at 12th ‘Gyeonggido Architectural Awards’ in 2007
Incheon SK Happy Dream Stadium, Korea Total floor area: 18,191㎡, 1 story below the ground and 3 above, with 3,006 seats and the largest swimming pool in Incheon
Hosted Incheon 2014 Asian Games
National Museum of Korea, Korea Total floor area: 131,707㎡, 1 story below the ground and 6 above,
Named one of the world’s top six museums
Grand Prize in New Construction category at 2006‘Seoul Architectural Awards.
MEGABOX COEX, Korea Total floor area: 21,215㎡, 2 stories below the ground 16 theaters and one 3D theater
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea Total floor area: 33,881㎡, 1 story below the ground and 4 above
Convention & Transportation Infrastructures
Daewoo E&C is committed to creating the most cutting-edge international convention and transportation infrastructure available. By keeping ahead of the swift pace of technological and lifestyle changes, we have been able to revitalize the meeting, incentives, convention, events and exhibition (MICE) industry.

The Nurimaru APEC House, which hosts international summits, is a prime example of our proficiency in the area of convention infrastructures.
Designed in the mode of a traditional Korean pavilion but using a modern architectural style, it won First Prize at the Korea Engineering and Construction Technology Awards. It was lauded for reflecting the spirit and culture of Korea while also serving as a hallmark international convention center.
Other convention and transportation sector facilities we have constructed include the Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal and Concourse, the Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal, the Suwon Complex Terminal and the Cheongju Bus Terminal.

Performance view
Convention & Transportation Infrastructures Performance list
Nurimaru APEC House, Korea Total floor area: 2,994㎡, 3 stories above the ground, A modern-style replica of a ‘Jeongja’, or traditional Korean pavilion
Science Technology Creation Center, Korea Total floor area: 42,686㎡, 14 stories above the ground Included a large-scale convention center, a collaborative industry-academyresearch facility
Incheon International Airport, Korea Total floor area: 47,428,000㎡, Included 2 passenger terminals, a concourse, 5 runways, 260 passenger airplane aprons, 107 cargo airplane aprons
ASEM Tower, Korea Total floor area: 147,061㎡, 4 stories below ground and 41 above, A cutting-edge international convention center and the site of the Third Asia-Europe Meeting in 2000
Jeju International Convention Center(ICC), Korea Total floor area: 62,125㎡, 2 stories below the ground and 5 above,
Included international convention, other event facilities
Gwangju Design Center, Korea Total floor area: 17,385㎡, 1 story below the ground and 7 above, Eco-friendly building with minimized energy consumption and environmental pollution
Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal, Korea Total floor area: 23,233㎡, 4 terminal buildings and 3 for parking
Incheon Airport Public Support Facilities, Korea Total floor area: 11,233㎡, 1 story below the ground and 5 above
Suwon Intermodal Bus Terminal, Korea Total floor area: 63,751㎡, 1 story below the ground and 6 above
Hongseong Passenger Bus Terminal, Korea Total floor area: 7,387㎡, 1 story below the ground and 3 above