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Daewoo E&C has been leading the construction of thermal power, cogeneration, tidal power, nuclear power plants, LNG storage, and other facilities with our outstanding technology and passion. In the overseas markets, we are competing with global players by building value-added plants. Our success has led to our being recognized as one of the “Global Top 20” through our ongoing commitment to technology development and investment in the new and renewable energy sector.

LNG, Oil & Gas

Daewoo E&C possesses unparalleled technologies in the fields of oil and gas,
as well as pipelines and storage facilities.
Daewoo E&C has constructed approximately 50% of LNG regasification plants and
storage tanks in South Korea. These include the Tongyeong, Incheon, and Pyeongtaek LNG receiving terminals.

LNG, Oil & Gas
LNG, Oil & Gas

Building on our strong foundation of experience and
technology, we have also successfully carried out the
construction of LNG liquefaction trains and storage tanks
in Nigeria, Algeria, Russia, Papua New Guinea, and in
other locations in the overseas markets.

LNG, Oil & Gas Performance List
Gbaran-Ubie Gas Processing Plant, Nigeria Capacity : 1BMscf/day
Otumara Gas Processing Plant, Nigeria Capacity : 30MMscf/day
Papua New Guinea LNG Liquefaction Plant, Papua New Guinea Capacity : 3.15 MTPA* × 2 trains
Central Area Field Complex(CAFC), Algeria Capacity : 32,000 barrels/day associated oil processing and other facilities
Ogbainbiri Flowstation Upgrade, Nigeria Natural gas production facility extension and performance improvement Capacity: 880MMscf/day
Hout Gas Facility, Saudi Arabia Associated gas collection, compression, dehydration and delivery from existing crude oil facilities
Arzew LNG Liquefaction Plant, Algeria Capacity : 4.7 MTPA*
LNG Liquefaction Plant Train 6, Nigeria Capacity : 4.8 MTPA*
Pyeongtaek LNG Storage Facility, Pyeongtaek, Korea 200,000㎥ LNG storage × 2 tanks and associated facilities
Sakhalin LNG Liquefaction Plant, Russia Capacity : 4.8 MTPA* × 2 trains
Refinery & Petrochemical

Refinery & Petrochemical

Daewoo E&C has amassed a wealth of experience and technology
in developing petrochemical production plants and refineries.
A particularly notable milestone was building S-OIL’s Residue
Upgrading Complex (RUC) and Mixed Feed Cracker (MFC), which
allowed the company to maximize its business value.

Daewoo E&C maximizes the value of the refinery and petrochemical
industry by applying our comprehensive construction capabilities to
all facilities.

Refinery & Petrochemical
Refinery & Petrochemical Performance List
Ulsan S-OIL RUC, Ulsan, Korea RUC, MFC (the largest-scale single plant ordered in South Korea)
Qatar Q-Chem II, Qatar Capacity: 350,000 tons each polyethylene and olefin production plants
Morocco Jorf Lasfar Fertilizer Plant, Morocco Capacity: 1 million tons/year phosphate fertilizer plant, and 62MW/year waste heat recovery and power generation facility
Al-Zour Oil Refinery, Kuwait Oil refinery for low sulfur fuel production Capacity: 620,000 barrels/day
Clean Fuel Project (CFP), Kuwait Establishment of 2 oil refining units, performance improvement Capacity: 800,000 barrels/day Sulfur content: 10ppm
Jazan Oil Refinery, Saudi Arabia Oil refinery, terminal Capacity: 400,000 barrels/day
Duqm Oil Refinery, Oman The country’s largest refinery Capacity: 230,000 barrels/day
Algeria-Oman Fertilizer Plant, Algeria Capacity: 4,000 tons of ammonia and 7,000 tons of urea fertilizer per day
Indorama Fertilizer Plant, Nigeria The world’s largest urea fertilizer plant in terms of capacity per unit Capacity: 2,300 tons of ammonia and 4,000 tons of urea per day
Power Plants

Building on this expertise, we have worked in Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and other overseas markets, gaining recognition for our technological prowess the world over.

Power Plants

Daewoo E&C has accumulated technology and experience in various power plant sectors-including thermal power, tidal power, hydropower, and cogeneration-since the successful completion of the
Ulsan Thermal Power Plant in 1977.


In 2011, we began to develop clean ocean energy in earnest through the construction of the Sihwaho
Lake Tidal Power Plant, the largest build of its kind in the world. We will continue to expand our business
interests into the new and renewable energy sector, addressing tidal power, biogas, wind power, and
solar power, following the global trend toward eco-friendly energy.

Power Plants Performance List
Sur Power Plant, Oman A combined-cycle power plant (CCPP) with 5 gas turbines, 5 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 3 steam turbines Daewoo E&C’s largest capacity CCPP EPC project. Capacity: 2,000MW
Afam VI Power Plant, Nigeria A CCP with 3 gas turbines, 3 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 1 steam turbine Capacity: 650MW
Jorf Lasfar Power Plant, Units 5 and 6, Morocco A coal power plant Capacity: 700MW (two 350MW units)
Safi Power Plant, Morocco A coal power plant Daewoo E&C’s first USC coal power plant EPC project. Capacity: 1,386MW (two 693MW units)
RDPP Plant, Algeria A combined-cycle power plant with 3 gas turbines, 3 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 3 steam turbines Daewoo E&C’s first single shafttype CCPP EPC project. Capacity: 650MW
Pocheon Natural Gas Power Plant, Unit 1, Pocheon, Korea A CCPP with 2 gas turbines, 2 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 1 steam turbine Capacity: 904MW
Shuweihat 3 Power Plant, UAE A CCPP with 4 gas turbines, 4 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 2 steam turbines Daewoo E&C’s first multi shafttype CCPP EPC project in UAE Capacity: 1,600MW
Benghazi Power Plant, Libya A CCPP with 750MW capacity (2 gas turbines, 2 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 1 steam turbine)
Nuclear Power Nuclear Power Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Daewoo E&C has proven to be at the top of the industry in terms of nuclear power plant (NPP) construction since the Wolsong NPP Units 3 & 4 that gained recognition for having the shortest construction period in the world. We are the first certified company in South Korea’s construction industry to offer NPP operation and design services (Q Grade). Daewoo E&C is gaining global recognition in this area based on its knowledge and track record in developing many different nuclear power-related projects.

Nuclear Power Performance List
Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant Unit #3 & #4 Included two 700MW units and two 700MW PHWR units Recorded the world’s shortest construction period, the world’s shortest period and lowest SIT/ILRT
Wolsong Low & Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, Phase 1 Asia’s first subterranean cave disposal facility for radioactive waste
Shin-Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant Unit #1 & #2 2 units of 1,000MW capacity, PWR Zero possibility of radioactive leakage by adopting PWR method Capacity: 2,000MW/hour
Jordan Research & Training Reactor, Irbid, Jordan 5MWt research and training reactor EPC South Korea’s first export of nuclear power system on turnkey basis
Hanbit NPP, Units 3 and 4, Yeonggwang, Korea Included two 1,000MW units, a PWR Replaced steam generators
Wolsong NPP Tritium Removal Facility, Gyeongju, Korea WTRF construction and trial operation, reducing tritium generation by 65% annually
Proton Accelerator Research Center Included 100MeV proton accelerator and the largest linear accelerator facility in South Korea
Qinshan NPP, China Included two 700MW units South Korea’s first nuclear technology export
Lungmen NPP, Taiwan Two 1,350MW ABWR units Offered technical advice and acquired ASME certificate in the civil engineering and construction sector