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About Us

Company History

Present ~ 2021

  • Return to Libya market by fast-track gas-fired power plant order
  • Jung Won-ju, Vice Chairman of Jungheung Group, becomes Chairman of Daewoo E&C
  • Re-entering Top 3 in the 2023 Construction Capacity Evaluation
  • Celebrate 50th anniversary and set sail for a 100-year company
  • Incorporation of subsidiaries of Jungheung Group
  • Management performance in 2022 achieved the highest operating income since the foundation
  • Proclamation of new vision ‘Your Dream, Our Space’
  • Winning the contract for residential redevelopment project in Hannam District 2 (achievement of ‘obtaining orders over 5 trillion won in 2022’ for urban redevelopment projects
  • Entry in the field of ‘renewable energy’ as part of ESG management (Wind power, hydrogen batter, etc.)
  • Awarded 1st prize for this year’s civil structures at Korean Society of Civil Engineers (Iraq Al Faw seawall)
  • Reached ‘2021 orders 3 trillion’ for city maintenance business

2020 ~ 2011

  • Won an order as the original contractor for the LNG liquefaction plant for the first time in Korea (Nigeria Train 7)Launched a mid-to
  • large-sized commercial facility brand ‘ARCLOUD’
  • Construction of Botswana ‘Kazungula’ Bridge (2014-2020)
  • Won an order for the first phase construction of Alpo New Port in Iraq
  • Brand renewal of PRUGIO
  • Relocation of head office building (Opening of 'The Era Of Euljiro’)
  • Concluded Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Saipem, Italy.
  • Won the contract for hospital construction work in Singapore
  • Declared the new vision ‘Build Together’
  • Participated in Team Korea for Czech – Poland new nuclear Plant Project
  • Received the Presidential Award in the 21th Most Livable Apartment Contest (Seocho Prugio Summit)
  • Won the contract for Duqm Refinery ProjectPKG.1 in Oman
  • Build South Korea’s longest road tunnel “Inje tunnel”(11th longest in the World)
  • Ranked 1st in housing supply for 7 consecutive years
  • Completion of Matrade Center in Malaysia
  • Completion of Bendemeer Condominiums in Singapore
  • Completion of Daegu Baseball Stadium
  • Completion of IB Tower in Malaysia
  • Won the contract for Ulsan S-Oil RUC project
  • Won the contract for Al-Zour refinery in Kuwait
  • Firstly obtained ISO 22301 certification in the industry
  • Attained $50billion of winning overseas contracts in the shortest time frame in Korea
  • Prugio’s grand prize award at “The Most Trusted Brand Awards 2014”
  • Obtained ISO/IEC 20000 certification
  • Began construction of Iraq AKKAS Central Gas Processing Facility
  • Recipient of the “Grand Architecture Award,” at the 9th Korea Civil Engineering and Construction Awards (Songdo Global Campus Prugio)
  • Published first sustainability report
  • Began construction of Starlake City in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Began construction of Ras Djinet combined-cycle power plant in Algeria
  • Began construction of IB Tower in Malaysia (2011-2015)
  • Began construction of Oman Sur Independent Power Plant (2011-2014)
  • Busan-Geoje Fixed Link named “Civil engineering structure of the year” by Korean Society of Civil Engineers
  • Awarded the Grand Prize in Nuclear Power Generation Project for Overseas Construction (2011)
  • Began construction of Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant (2004-2011)


  • The first export of Research Reactor to global market
  • Opened Busan-Geoje Fixed Link (Geoga Bridge)
  • Signed M&A agreement with Korea Development Bank
  • Proton Accelerator Research Center (2010 ~ 2013)
  • Began construction of KLCC Tower in Malaysia (2009-2011)
  • Won Construction Technology Awards of Korea and named Top 10 New Excellent Technologies for DBS construction method
  • Began construction of Arzew LNG in Algeria (2009-2012)
  • Ranked first in construction capability evaluations for third consecutive year
  • Won grand prize at Korea Residential Service Awards for PRUGIO
  • Began construction of repair shipyard in Oman (2008-2010)
  • Ranked first in construction capability evaluations for second straight year
  • Won grand prize at Engineering and Construction Technology Awards of Korea
  • Wolsong Low & Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, phase 1 (2007 ~ 2015)
  • Presidential Awards on Nuclear Safety Day (2007)
  • Ranked first in construction capability evaluations
  • Won presidential award in “Most Livable Apartment Contest” for Gireum PRUGIO
  • Began construction of Geoga Bridge (Busan-Geoje Fixed Link Project, 2004-2010)
  • Launched PRUGIO apartment complex brand
  • Signed MOU for USD 150 million Cambridge Village project in Manila, Philippines (2003-2013)
  • Shin-Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant Unit #1 & #2 (2003~2015)
  • Began construction of LNG Plant, Unit 3 (2002) and Units 5 and 6 (2002-2007) on Bonny Island, Nigeria
  • Won Best Knowledge Management Award from Korea Management Association


  • Changed legal status to independent corporate entity
  • Won presidential award for Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology
  • Won first Korea Construction Management Award
  • Obtained South Korea’s first high-speed information and communication apartment certificate
  • Began construction of Jeju Convention Center (1999-2002)
  • Won Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit for Busan Port fourth phase construction site
  • Exported NPP construction technology to Taiwan - a first for South Korea’s construction industry
  • Began construction of LNG Plant, Units 1 and 2, on Bonny Island, Nigeria. (1997-1999)
  • Signed agreement for construction of Trump World Tower in Manhattan
  • Obtained KT Mark for: Excellent Korean Technology
  • Began construction of Gyeongbu Expressway, Sections 8-1 and 8-2 (1996-2002)
  • Began construction of Passenger Terminal, Incheon Airport (1996-2000)
  • Designated as first safety inspection agency in South Korea’s construction industry with responsibility for bridges, tunnels, harbors, buildings, and repair facilities
  • Won order for Vision City, Malaysia’s first privatization project
  • Obtained ISO 9001 certification, a first for a South Korean construction company (in plant category)
  • Began construction of Houay Ho Dam in Laos (1993-1997)
  • Began construction of Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant, Units 3 & 4 (1992-1999)
  • Began construction of world’s longest highway, in Pakistan (1992-1997)
  • Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant Unit #3 & #4 (1992~1999)
  • Obtained NPP construction certificate from ASME


  • Became first-ever South Korean construction company to enter US construction market; Built residential area for retirees in Seattle
  • Began construction of Serowe-Orapa road, Botswana, thereby becoming the first South Korean company to enter the country (1986-1989)
  • Began construction of Mokdong Cogeneration Power Plant, South Korea’s first such facility (200,000kW, 1985-1987)
  • Won USD 4 Billion Overseas Construction Export Tower Award; Ranked fifteenth among top global contractors by ENR
  • Established Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology, a first for the South Korean construction industry
  • Began construction of Suyeong Bay Olympic Yacht Marina, the world’s largest (1983-1987)
  • Daewoo Co., Ltd. established (construction/trading sectors)
  • Began construction of 88 Olympic Expressway, Section 1 (1981-1984)
  • Began construction of outer road in Bengazi, Libya (1989-1981)
  • Began construction of Seoul Metropolitan Subway Line 2, Section 2-3 (1979-1983)
  • Began construction of Daejeon Depot, the first-ever turnkey project in South Korea (1979-1984)
  • Began construction of Garyounis Medical School in Libya, the first-ever South Korean company to enter the nation (1978-1982)
  • Began construction of Dongjak Bridge (1978-1984)
  • Obtained international business license
  • Advanced into Ecuador, a first for a South Korean construction company (1975-1977)
  • Began construction of Daewoo Center, South Korea’s largest office building (1975-1977)
  • Established as Daewoo Construction Co., Ltd.