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Daewoo E&C CI

대우건설 심볼마크 이미지

The Mobius strip motif is used as a symbol to express unlimited growth and eternity. The symbol also incorporates the “D” of Daewoo E&C, linking it to the idea of the company as a global leading player with its daring and passionate spirit. It consists of three units that signify technology, talent, and the future, which are harmonized for mutual development.

  • Symbol, DAEWOO E&C Type A Type A
  • Symbol, DAEWOO E&C Type B Type B
Color System

Blue, the traditional color of Daewoo E&C, symbolizes reliability, stability, and state-of-the-art technological power. With the color gradation, the symbol reflects creative change and a focus on the future for innovating sophisticated trends.

  • DWEC  Dark Blue PANTONE 295C
  • DWEC Light Blue PANTONE 292C



The new Prugio symbol embodies the shape of natural elements swaying in a soft breeze.
The strong, but also pliable blade of grass swaying in the wind embodies the luxurious image of Prugio, in which premium extras are added to the fundamentals.

푸르지오 심볼마크 이미지
Heritage + GEO = Prugio
BI Character

This character is a combination of the P Tree, which is the heritage of Prugio, and a circle, which represents the earth. This logo-type character contains the essence of Prugio and backs up BI. It represents the new Prugio, evoking the idea of harmonization rather than something that can be confined to a frame.

Black is the New Green

Prugio illustrates more profound, premium residential space with
‘Black is the New Green.’ The British Green reminds of a warm coat,
cashmere, and leather accents, with a drop of luxurious black ink
deposited on the existing green of Prugio.

Britich Green 컬러챠트 이미지