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Build Together ceo baek jeongwan

Daewoo E&C, which has been a leader in the construction industry in South Korea, is realizing the best value for its customers through its dedication to constant challenges and passion, change and innovation based on the best technology and quality.

Daewoo E&C, which has celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023, has always been at the historic moments as a key player in the past half century of South Korea’s rapid economic growth.

Contributing to the stability of the nation's housing through overwhelming housing supply, we have presented a new standard of housing culture through 'Prugio',
an eco-friendly premium apartment brand, and based on our experience in power plant design and construction in various fields such as nuclear power, thermal power, and hydroelectric power plants, we are also competitive in the field of renewable energy for sustainable growth of mankind.
In addition, we are positioned as a leader in the global construction market, from infrastructure construction projects centered on roads, bridges and tunnels, petrochemical plant and industrial facility EPC projects to skyscrapers, the high-tech complex.

In the future, Daewoo E&C will create new opportunities by thoroughly preparing for the best corporate value creation and a better future for mankind.
We will lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution by actively pioneering new business fields as well as conducting R&D in advanced technologies that apply cutting-edge IT technology, and nurturing global talent.

Daewoo E&C is changing the world today based on its accumulated technology, creative talent, and challenging spirit.

Our challenge will never stop.
Thank you.