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Civil Works
Making history by
building the future.
Daewoo E&C began to build roads and bridges in 1978, and has built many major national
infrastructures since then. We have contributed to the balanced development of land through the
construction of roads and railways - connecting life, economies and cultures between regions -
while paving the way for global trade by opening sea routes through new harbor facilities.
Our advanced civil engineering and building capabilities are making a considerable mark in the
history of construction at home and abroad. Such experiences and expertise are now providing
the foundations for luxury lifestyles and industries all over the world.
Our business territories are now expanding into Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa.
As the main arteries connecting major cities and
facilities, highways are strong contributors to
economic development.
Daewoo E&C changes and enriches lives by
leading the construction of large-scale highways
in South Korea.

Daewoo E&C has participated in the construction of major highways in South Korea since 1978, beginning with the Busan-Masan Highway, Section 3, which was also notable for its reduction of logistics expenses. In addition to national projects, we have built the Cheonan-Nonsan, Daegu-Busan, Yongin-Seoul Highways as well as other privately-financed roads, contributing to the invigoration of regional economies and the balanced development of land.
We are also world leaders in the use of tunnel construction to maximize the efficiency of land. The Inje Tunnel of the Donghongcheon-Yangyang Highway is the longest such facility in South Korea and provides the fastest connection between the Metropolitan Area with the east coast. It was completed in 2017, and won the ‘Civil Structure of the Year’ award in recognition for its minimal environmental impact. We have also carried out grand-scale overseas projects such as the world’s largest-ever highway project undertaken by a single company in Pakistan, making us a global powerhouse in the highway sector.

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Highways Performance List
Donghongcheon-Yangyang Highway, Korea Total length: 71.7km, 4-lane highway, featuring the nation’s largest and the world’s 11th longest Inje Tunnel (10.965km)
2018 ‘IRF Global Road Achievement Awards’
Guri-Pocheon Highway, Korea Total length: 50.6km, with 4~6-lane Included Yangju line, tunnels, service area, toll gates
Daegu Outer Ring Highway, Korea New construction of total length of 14.660km (main line: 5.650km)/4 lanes
Yongin-Seoul Highway, Sections 1 and 4, Korea Total length: 22.9km, with 6-lane Included bridges, underpasses, tunnel
Cheonan-Nonsan Highway, Korea Total length: 80.96km, with 4-lane Included bridges, tunnels, IC, service area
New Orbital Highway, Qatar Total length: 42km, with 14-lane Included civil engineering, bridge, pavement work
Seoul Outer Ring Highway, Korea Total length: 5.1km, with 8-lane Included bridges
Second Seohaean Highway, Section 2 (Pyeongtaek - Siheung), Korea Total length: 42.6km, with 4~6-lane Included bridges, underpass, service area
Suwon-Gwangmyeong Highway, Korea Total 29.3km, with 4~6 lanes both ways (bridges, tunnels, etc.)
Roads & Bridges
Roads and bridges are invaluable facilities that allow for
movement and connection of human and material resources.
Daewoo E&C is committed to applying our advanced
technology to build convenient yet beautiful roads and bridges.

In 1984, Daewoo E&C completed the construction of Dongjak Bridge, the nation’s first such structure designed to carry both road and subway traffic. We also built the Gwangan Bridge in Busan, the nation’s largest double-layered bridge over water, spanning 7.4km. The 8.2km-long Geoga Bridge, which connects Geoje and Busan, drew international acclaim as being the world’s longest structure also built at the world’s deepest underwater depth.
We showed differentiated technical skills overseas by constructing sea bridges in Bihar and Mumbai in India and a composite bridge connecting Botswana and Zambia in Africa.
Especially, Kazungula Sea Bridge that dramatically changed the logistics industry of Africa received Grand Prize in the ‘Korea Civil Engineering and Architecture Awards’ in 2021.

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Roads & Bridges Performance List
Cheonsa Bridge(Apae-Amtae Section 1), Korea Total length: 10.8km(Apae -Amtae, Sinan, Jeollanam-do), with 4-lane
Kazungula Marine Bridge, Botswana Total length: 0.9km An extra-dosed bridge
(Botswana - Zambia) 2-lane roadway (1-lane railway)
Geoga Road & Bridge, Korea Total length: 8.2km(Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do - Gangseo-gu, Busan)
Included a 3.7km-long undersea immersed tunnel, a 4.5km-long Cable-stayed bridge
Jeonju National Road Bypass, Korea Total length: 11.3km(Yeongjeong - Yongjin) Included bridges(cable-tayed, beam, IC, etc.)
Multifunctional Administrative
City Access Road, Korea
Total length: 4.9km, with 3-lanes each way, Included bridge and traffic safety facilities
Gimhae National Road Bypass,
Sections 1 and 2, Korea
Total length: 19km (Busan- Gimhae), with 4~6-lane Included bridges, tunnels
Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Pkg2
(Marine Bridge), India
Total length: 7.8km, with 3 lanes each way (Mumbai Sewri- Nhava Sheva)
Included access roads
Bihar New Ganga Bridge, India Total length: 22.76km, crossing Ganges River, with 6-lane Included access roads
Railways & Subways
Daewoo E&C is actively involved in major railway network and
subway construction projects. We maximize the convenience of
life and the efficiency of industries by drawing on our extensive
experience and leading-edge design and construction capabilities.

Daewoo E&C boasts industry-leading technology and construction experience in the high-speed railway area. With a track record of having undertaken the largest number of sections of high- speed railway projects in South Korea, we have contributed greatly to South Korea being fifth in the world in total number of HSRs, by combining advanced mechanized construction technology with safe construction technology.
We are also recognized for our leadership in subway construction. We have participated in the construction of almost all subway lines in Seoul and other major centers. We have demonstrated our technological prowess by employing the nation’s largest diameter shield tunneling method to construct the extension of Bundang Line, and through the the wide area express railway in the metropolitan area (GTX-A) project, featuring a 50m underground road linking Paju, Seoul, and Dongtan. We are also actively exploring overseas markets including the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit.

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Railways & Subways Performance List
Honam High Speed Railway, Phase 1 (Sections 1-1 and 1-4), Korea Total length: 182km (Osong Station, Chungcheongbuk-do - Songjeong Station, Gwangju) Included bridges and tunnels
Stevens Station and Tunnel, MRT Thomson–East Coast Line, Singapore Total length of 3.2km connecting Woodland District and Marina District
Yeongdong Line Railway(Dongbaeksan - Dogye), Korea Total length: 17.7km Included the nation’s longest loop-type tunnel for Taebaek-Samcheok line in Gangwon-do
Gyeongbu High Speed Railway, Sections 8-1 and 8-2, Korea Total length: 11km for 8-1, 16.9km for 8-2 Included tunnels, bridges
Gyeongbu High Speed Railway, Sections 10-2, 13-3, and 14-2, Korea 1Total length: 5.5km for 10-2(including tunnel), 8.8km for 13-3(including tunnel and culverts), and 9.9km for 14-2(including tunnel, shaft, shelter)
MRT, Section 216, Singapore Total length: 3.2km (1 station)
Seoul Subway Line No. 9, Sections 901, 903, 905, 911, and 914, Korea Total length: 25.5km (Gimpo International Airport - Sinnonhyeon Station)Included 7 stations
Gimpo Urban Railway Section 1, Korea Total 4.64km (station, garage, etc.) around Gimpo Yangchon~Gimpo Hangang New Town in Gyeonggi-do
Sinbundang Line Double-Track Railway Phase 1. Section 4 , Korea Total 18.5km (railway station, etc.) between Seoul Gangnam~Seongnam Jeongja
Sosa-Wonsi Double-Track Railway, Korea Total length: 28.3km (Sosadong, Bucheon - Wonsi-dong, Ansan in Gyeonggi-do) Included 12 stations
Harbors & Reclamation
Infrastructure that enables the efficient use of harbor facilities and other water resources plays an integral role in invigorating national economies and energy efficiency through exports.
Daewoo E&C has garnered international recognition for its technology in this area, with a solid track record in developing harbors, shipyards and dams at home and abroad.

Daewoo E&C has become a leader in South Korea in the construction of harbor facilities - including revetments, breakwaters and seawalls. By building the Busan Port - the nation’s largest container port - we supported the emergence of Busan as a globally competitive logistics base. Overseas, we have completed the repair of many shipyards, including in Oman and Qatar.
We have also introduced top of the line harbor construction technology, exemplified by our container terminal in Algeria and our global-scale breakwater project in Iraq. We also take pride in our differentiated technology expertise.
A prime example is South Korea’s Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant, the largest such facility in the world, which is now producing electricity that can be used year-long by 500,000 people.

Performance view
Harbors & Reclamation Performance List
Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant, Ansan, Korea 'South Korea’s first and the world’s largest tidal power plant Capacity: 550,000MW/year
Al-Faw Breakwater, Iraq Construction of a 15.952km-long riprap breakwater
Ranked as the Longest Break water in the world by Guinness on April 2nd, 2020
Qatar Repair Shipyard Nakilat
Ship Repair Yard Project, Qatar
LPG carriers and other large ship repair and
maintenance facilities Included dry docks, quays, piers
Busan Port Phase 4 Container Terminal, Korea Included container cranes and transfer cranes Capacity: 1.28 Million TEU/year
Patrind Hydropower Plant, Pakistan Included major structures(weir, headrace tunnel, power house, bypass).
Installed Capacity: 150MW
Ulsan New Port Development Phase 1-1 Privately Financed Facilities, Korea 2-wire container pier, 2-wire multipurpose pier, 2-wire ore pier
Busan New Port Container Terminal Construction and Backland Land Development, Korea Included container terminal and a 14km-long quay for berthing Handling capacity: 13.25 Million TEU/year
Ship Repair Yard and Dry Dock Complex at Duqm Port, Oman VLCC repair and maintenance facilities Included large dry docks, breakwater
Gwangyang Port Phase 2 Container Terminal, Gwangyang, Korea Capable of servicing two 50,000-ton ships and two 20,000-ton container ships simultaneously Capacity: 815,000 TEU/year
Djen Djen Port Container Terminal, Algeria 1.6km Quay wall and 33ha container site development, dredging and reclamationstations
The environmental industry requires proactive action and investment to allow for the sustainable development of our global human society. Daewoo E&C invests in innovative technology development that is leading the way in future energy generation and supply.

Daewoo E&C has consistency proven itself to be South Korea’s top performer in the innovative construction of water treatment facilities, including sewage treatment, water purification plants and sewage pipelines. By developing new technologies such as eco- friendly designs and Daewoo Nutrient Removal (DNR) sewage treatment, we have taken the ground-breaking approach of moving all treatment facilities underground, creating parks above the ground and improving public amenities. We are also becoming a recognized leader in the green energy business.
For example, we have secured New Excellent Technologies, patents and the ability to carry out projects in the field of biogas power generation.
We have also successfully completed the Jeju solar power generation project through ongoing investments in solar power, wind power and other forward-looking businesses.

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Environment Performance List
Nambu Water Resources Ecology Park
(Yeokgok Sewage Treatment Plant),
Bucheon, Korea
Included sewage treatment facility,
recreation/amusement park Capacity: 50,000 tons/day
El Harrach River Restoration, Algeria First overseas river restoration project undertaken by a South Korean construction company Included pipeline construction, park, pumping station Total length: 18km
Bukbu Water Resources Ecology Park (Gulpocheon Sewage Treatment Plant), Bucheon, Korea Included sewage treatment facility and a recreation/
amusement park Capacity: 150,000 tons/day
Dubai Sewage Treatment Plant, UAE Included a 91km-long pipeline and a pumping station Capacity: 130,000 tons/day
Guui Water Purification Plant, Seoul, Korea Capacity: 250,000 tons/day for standard water purification and
450,000 tons/day for advanced water purification
Jeju Solar Power Plant, Jeju, Korea Included 87 solar power systems Installed Capacity: 47.5 MW
Ulsan Thermal Power Plant Desulfurization Facility, Units 4 to 6, Korea Waste water treatment capacity: 200 tons/day
Constantine River Restoration, Algeria Included 8.35km river maintenance, 8.35km trail on the terrace land
Daegu DBS(Daewoo Biogas System), Korea The first biogas plant ever built in South Korea Treatment capacity: 300 tons/day
The creation of modern leisure facilities requires a proactive
anticipation of and response to the ever-changing consumer
trends and desires.
Daewoo E&C is committed to meeting this challenge by
constructing a wide range of leisure facilities that allow for
enjoyment and play amidst our hectic modern lifestyles.

Daewoo E&C entered the leisure facility sector by completing the construction of Suyeongman Bay Yachting Center in 1986. Today, our highly regarded construction approaches seamlessly integrate nature into our designs.
The golf courses we have constructed have solidified our reputation as forerunners in the leisure culture sector.
We have greatly increased the quality of construction of golf courses in South Korea, which include the Yeongcheon Country Club - whose development was designed and supervised by Vijay Singh - and the Adonis CC in Pocheon, Gangwon Land, which is located 1,150 meters above sea level. Overseas, we built the LaoLao Bay Golf & Resort in Saipan.

Performance view
Leisure Performance List
Masan Robot Land, Korea Robot-themed theme park and comprehensive research encouragement complex with lot area of 1,259,890㎡
Siheung Marine Leisure Complex, Korea First in Asia and largest in the world artificial surfing park (about 178,513㎡) and
largest artificial beach in Korea, living accommodations
LaoLao Bay Golf & Resort,Saipan Size: 1.6 million㎡, Best golf course and resort
Adonis CC, Korea Size: 1.85 million㎡ Included sports facilities
Paganica CC, Korea Size: 1.4 million㎡ Included forest bathing area, village
Yeongcheon CC, Korea Size: 1.3 million㎡ Designed and supervised by Vijay Singh
A-One CC, Korea Size: 1.68 million㎡, attracting various international competitions
High1 CC, Korea Size: 1.09 million㎡ Involved redevelopment of an abandoned mine area with Jeongseon-gun and casino in Gangwon-do
Suyeongman Bay Reclamation and
Yachting Center, Busan, Korea
Size: 231,000㎡ Included international standard yachting center,
public recreational facilities Mooring capacity: 1,500 yachts