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About Us


Strategic Direction

Daewoo E&C is practicing philanthropic activities in various areas in order to change the world through love and action. In particular, the residential environment improvement project, which takes advantage of the characteristics of the construction industry, has been selected as a representative social contribution program and has been implemented since 2001. The Daewoo E&C Social Volunteer Corps, led by executives and employees, conducts relay volunteer activities to improve the environment of local communities, donate talents, and share with the underprivileged.

Daewoo E&C Social Volunteer Corps

Love grows by sharing. Daewoo E&C Social Volunteer Corps

The symbol, which embodies hugging each other, means the warm heart of Daewoo E&C to share love.

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Social contribution focus target focus field

Daewoo E&C considers social contribution as an important value and focuses on improving the residential environment of low-income families in order to contribute to the local community. We continue to clean up the community environment at domestic&foreign workplaces and have been donating and supporting for financially difficult neighbors.

Focus target
  • Residential safety vulnerable groups
  • Community Society (domestic&international workplaces)
  • New overseas entry country
Key area
  • Improvement of Residential Environment
  • talent donation
  • Sharing Activities
Social contribution activities
  • Relay volunteer work
  • Remodeling old facilities
  • Donating employees’ collected coins
  • Social contribution activities with employees' families


Since 2007, we organized the Daewoo E&C Community Service Corps that includes social service teams,
sites at home and abroad, and business divisions to encourage employees to participate in various volunteer activities.

Organization image
  • Head
    • Social Contribution Committee(Social Contribution Working Committee)
      • Business Divisions (Headquarters/Office/Agency)
      • Sites (Domestic/Overseas)
        • Social Service Team(Permanent)
      • Social Service Team


2018~2021 Social Contribution Working Outcome
Activity Details Unit 2018 2019 2020 2021
Results of
Social Contributions
Number of participants (yearly) Person 1,309 1,270 1,311 1,041
Total Expenditure One Million Won 214 236 749 967
Operating Cost One Million Won 107 112 379 57
(Culture & Arts, etc.)
One Million Won 107 124 390 910
Volunteer Work
Hours per person
Hours 4.6 4.9 4.54 4.46
Relay Volunteer Activities Number of times volunteering Number 6 8 5 0*
Number of participants Person 255 305 402 0*

* In-person volunteer work suspended due to COVID-19