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About Us



The relay volunteer activity in which employees are welcome to participate is the core of our social welfare programs. Volunteer activities in the form of a relay,
rather than a one-time event or donation, raise staff awareness and spread a culture of social responsibility.
Each site in Korea visits community welfare centers over a long period of time as a part of our philanthropic activities;
these can include residential environment improvement and community service activities.

Talent Donation
  • Habitat for Humanity – Rebuilding houses - Habitat Seoul Office
  • Holt – making shoes for newborn babies - Holt Children’s Services
  • UNICEF – making AWOO dolls - UNICEF Korea
Environmental Improvement
  • Remodeling program for welfare institutions - Municipal Pyeonghwa House
  • Remodeling program for worn-out facilities - Angels’ Heaven for Children
Community Service
  • Delivering briquettes to senior citizens who live alone and to low-income families in Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu
  • Sharing kimchi with children from broken families
    – Angel’s Heaven for Children in Eunpyeong
  • Year-end fundraising activity for UNICEF – UNICEF Korea
  • Year-end fundraising activity for Emergency Aid in Indonesia
  • Spending time and socializing with the severely disabled
    - Holt Welfare Administration Town in Ilsan
  • Blood Drive – Korean Red Cross


Daewoo E&C is actively involved in philanthropic activities around the world and is expanding into Southeast Asia
in areas such as Vietnam, as well as into the Middle East in areas such as Qatar and Kuwait.
We aim to involve more sustainable, preemptive activities such as providing medical services, education support, skills transfer, and improvement of living conditions,
rather than operating a simple, one-time event. Also, we try to practice effective philanthropic activities that meet the expectations of the people and
companies in specific countries by accessing networks with the community.

Skills Transfer
  • Operating on-site training school - Algeria
  • Operating special training center - Nigeria
Education Support
  • Building and renovating schools - Nigeria
  • Providing internship programs and scholarships - Vietnam
  • Providing kindergartens and orphanages with school supplies - India
Medical Assistance
  • Free treatment for eye diseases, business support for tuberculosis elimination - Morocco
  • Operating a MEDICAL CAMP - India
  • Blood Donation Events - Qatar
  • Programs to build wells - Nigeria
  • Providing school supplies - Algeria
  • Services for residents by using on-site barges - Botswana
  • Services for residents by supplying drinking water within the region - Ethiopia
  • Creating a clean environment - Singapore, Algeria, Qatar